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Eliminate the Stress & Uncertainty of Travel Overwhelm  

✅  Ditch the dread of planning
✅  Feel confident while traveling the world
✅  Take memorable off-the-beaten-path trips, that aren't cookie cutter!


⚠️ You want travel in way that's not cookie cutter, but you're not sure where to start?


⚠️ You've joined all the travel groups, read hundreds of reviews, hyper-focused like no one's business, but aren't getting the results you need.

⚠️ Your brain is in freeze mode, you're overwhelmed and you feel like your travel dreams are out of reach. 

It's not your fault. Travel planning can SUCK! 

I promise you can travel like a badass, in a way that makes YOU feel good. 

I can help you with...


Research places & experiences that stimulate your brain, no more cookie cutter travel or exhaustive itineraries. 


Create your detailed itinerary  to anywhere you want to go. We'll plan a schedule that works with all of your ADHD moods, needs, and challenges. 


Develop a plan & discover resources to help support your travel fears, anxieties and challenges.

Here's what you can expect to gain: 

Greater confidence and less stress
while traveling.

A travel plan that fits your unique self. 

Greater return on your travel

Insights into
local cultural & customs.

Tools to help support your
self-care while

Ready to create a

travel plan you'll LOVE?


  • 90-minute consultation to delve into any aspect of planning or travel.

  • Specific to your needs, research completed by Violet. 

  • Email summary after our call with your personal research and recommendations based on my research/our discussion. 

  • Bonus! 1 week of email support after our call. 


Looking for Itinerary Planning?

Detailed & Personalized Itinerary planning starts at

$100 per day. 

Pricing depends on the number of people traveling, the amount of detailed planning you require, length of trip and number of countries visited. 

To inquire about your trip select the button below. 

How Does It Work?


a Chat

We can meet via phone or voxer. Your choice. 

We will briefly discuss your unique travel situation and how I can best support you. 

Discovery Chats

are Free.

Make it 


After we 'meet' I will email you a brief summary of our call and my service agreement. 

Let's Do


 Deep research, itinerary building, or collaborating with you to develop a plan that suits you, your travel plans start to take shape, feel less overwhelming, and you're starting to relax


Travel with


You've got plan, you're confident. You feel ease.

You're ready to go!

I'm committed to crafting the journey you truly desire.

No More Cookie Cutter Travel!


Violet Goode

Certified Travel Coach (ICF),

World Traveler

(21 countries and counting),

Art Lover, Foodie,

Mindfulness & Meditation Enthusiast,

Founder of Travels with ADHD

Hi, I'm Violet!

My passion for travel has been ingrained in me since I embarked on my first solo overseas adventure at the age of 19. That remarkable journey took me across the UK, Europe, and Africa, leaving an indelible mark on my soul. It not only fueled my wanderlust but also instilled invaluable life lessons that continue to inspire me to this day. My love for exploration has led me through diverse destinations, including China, South America, and 46 US States, as I constantly seek my next thrilling adventure.

My vision is clear: to empower everyone to travel authentically and support self-discovery. Through Travels with ADHD, I aim to create a vibrant community fostering personal growth for fellow adventurers with ADHD.

Ready to get out there and explore? Check out my travel planning & consult services, and let's make your travel goals a reality together! 

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